Love is a great feeling
And that is very true
You will only understand its meaning
When it comes to you
Suddenly you will start sneezing
Even if you dont have flu
You will also start grinning
When he stares at you

My happiness is…
Sleeping knowing you are mine
Waking up knowing you are fine
Living life seeing you shine

You are my one and only
With you I never feel lonely
I wanna hold you so closely
And disappear in your world completely

On your chest I wanna sleep
And listen to your heartbeats
In your heart I wanna peep
To ensure there is no deceit
Our love is so deep
And also very sweet

Love is in the air
Its a beautiful feeling I swear
We be such an amazing pair
Messing with you I never dare
Coz losing you is such a scare
I love you here there and everywhere.


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