What is peace?
Sleeping with one eye wide open?
Afraid that our house will be broken
And everything inside stolen
Staying indoors?
Escaping our foes
Knowing that anytime there will be chaos
Peace is leading a harmonious life
And using knives to cut fruits and not to take lives.
Always bear in mind!
Without peace we are doomed.

Our appearance may vary on the outside
But we are all the same
Lets put our differences aside
Not putting our nation into flame
When we swallow our pride
There will be no one to blame
It’s high time not to hide
Those putting our nation into shame

Women are raped
Taking away their happiness
Parents are killed
Orphans are left in loneliness
Children are tortured
Filling their lives with sadness
All this can be escaped
If we put aside our madness

Peace is precious
Peace is sweet
So let’s be courageous
And stand on our feet
To stop those malicious
Who want to spread heat.


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