Everyone has dreams and hopes for their future.unfortunately, they may not all always come true.You may be busy planning your future but always keep in mind that God is the best planner and he will always plan your life perfectly.When you realise  your life has not turned out the way you planned it would,do not be frustrated,just know the best alternatives are in store for you.

I’ve always wanted to be a news anchor,a reporter and a writer.When other students were dreaming of being doctors,pilots,engineers,I wanted to be a news anchor like jamila Mohammed,Harith Salim, Mohammed Ali and late Ahmed Darwesh.I would always wind up with my school assignments early so that by 7pm I am sitted attentively watching news.It’s not that I am a very big fan of news,No! It’s just that I wanted to watch and admire  my role models.I really enjoyed watching them speaking Swahili  fluently with a fantastic tone.sometimes I may be in the washroom but when I hear Mohammed Ali reporting,I would come out very quickly just to listen to him.How crazy 😂

In class 4, when it was almost break time, other students were busy thinking  of what they were going to eat,the games they were going to play and there I was, thinking of what I was going to compose and write it on the blackboard.I had developed a habit of writing poems on the blackboard every break time.My best friend stayed back with me and watched how I composed day,my class teacher entered the class and found the poem still on the blackboard,he congratulated me so much.That motivated me and doubled my interest in writing.

 Moreover, I participated in composition writing competition in Radio Rahma.I was the winner the first,the second and the third week.lastly,the reporter said that she wanted me in studio so that I could explain to the other children the tips I use in my writing.

When I entered the studio,I felt like YES! I am heading towards my dream of being a news anchor.I was overwhelmed with happiness.It was really a nice experience.

Bad news 😑! When I was done with my primary education I quit writing poems.However I continued writing mashairi because during weddings and occasions in the family I was asked to do so.Furthermore,in events at school or any other place,I would compose mashairi and recite them.

While in high school,I joined a journalism club.every Fridays,I would write Kiswahili news and read them at the assembly.It was also another good experience.

With all the sheer efforts of trying to make my dream of becoming a news anchor true,I eventually found myself doing a different course altogether.I then realised that no matter how hard you try to actualise your dreams, Allah has His own plans which are way better.

I am now pursuing bachelor of economics and I really love my course.All thanks to my high school  maths teacher for explaining to me the importance of this course and I decided it is the one I am going to pursue considering my in interest in the subjects it focuses on.Although I applied for journalism too but as I said God has His own plans.However,I have not given up my writing especially composing poems and ‘ mashairi’.maybe one day someone important will discover my writing skills and I will be a famous writer.Therefore, always chase your dreams if you reach to them be happy and appreciate,if not,be thankful too and don’t stop chasing them so long as you are alive.

The question I will never stop asking myself is that….Is my dream of becoming a news anchor really shattered?

If Yes! Allah knows best.

If Not! You will be reading more of such articles not written by the ordinary farwa but by the famous news anchor in the world.Also, if yes at least I would get married to a news anchor 😂😂.Funny!

To wind up,I read a quote somewhere which I will not be fair enough if I do not share it with you.Here it goes.. Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up with goals so strong that obstacles, failure and loss only act as motivation.In addition,it may be a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up.KEEP ON CHASING YOUR DREAM!😇


10 thoughts on “THE SHATTERED DREAM??

  1. Our dreams are valid


  2. MashaAllah….. Its not yet shattered…


  3. Farwa u knw what.
    Have been there too I mean where you are right now. I had the same dreams, same destination , same hopes but all went unfinished they all came to a place where I wasn’t able to pick it up.
    My passion of becoming an author/anchor/writter was washed away by a wind of outside peer pressure. Anyway as you said when we are busy planning for our future God plans his. But i still have this feeling that one day the same wind will blow back and bring the inside me out to every1 visibility.
    Never shall I loose hope or let me put it this way. “Our dreams are not shattered”

    U can Sister.

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    1. Aaaaaaw that’s nice,never give up… Keep on chasing your dreams..I will too in shaa Allah…N shukran jazilla

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      1. Keep inspiring uaself and In sha Allah one day all will be on ua favors .
        U are welcome

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  4. Everyone has said everythng farwa….but i can say this its not yet shattered biidhnilah ….infact u can do it as a part time diploma course..and u wil the our news anchor like lulu hassan…tnx for your inspiring words….DONT GIVE UP AND I WILL NEVER GIVEUP MINE IN SHAA ALLAH . PRAY FOR ME HAVE FEW YEARS TO ACCOMPLISH MY DREAM…..

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    1. Aaaaaaaw thanks so much habibty
      I will surely pray for you in shaa Allah dear


  5. It’s true. We should never give up. Farwa this is not the end. Chaise your dream one day it wil come true. Overpower many numbers of challenges without giving up, until u find the road to success. Am sure Almighty wil never fail u. Remember me in prayers as well one day to reach to my destiny.


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