Story of the ant.The ant got impregnated and her mother was so furious to know who impregnated her daughter.She asked her but did not answer so mother ant thought the only solution is to take the daughter to court. Everybody in the court was so curious to know who has impregnated the ant.The judge asked baby ant so harshly that she had no otherwise but to answer.She said in a trembling voice,”the one who impregnated me is the e-le-phant”.

I guess you’ve smiled after reading the ancedote and that’s my aim.

Have you ever thought what a smile is?We always smile but do not pay heed to what wonders that smile can do.Smile is a beautiful thing.It is a way of expressing happiness, love,appreciation, friendliness and kindness.It is also a way of hiding pain or trying to be happy.

Everyone wants to be happy and smile.Unfortunately,life seems too difficult to smile at it all times.As a matter of fact,most of the smiles you see around may be fake.Although at times if one tries to fake a smile it is possible to understand that by the look of their eyes,some people are experts at faking smiles.Some people just smile to impress their friends.others smile to show that they are happy about your success but they are not.Therefore, always be careful of the smiles you see around.It is so sad that we cannot differentiate between a genuine smile and a fake one everytime.

However, always try to smile and mean it regardless of the situation.If life gives you a tight slap on the face,give it a smile.If it smiles back you are lucky.If it doesn’t leave it the way it is then sit and watch the power of your smile.Forget a smile,life will eventually give you a hug .

It doesn’t take a lot to smile or make someone smile.Therefore,try to smile in every situation.When you realise that your mother gives you more tasks than your siblings,do not get upset,just smile.Most probably,it’s because she loves you more and you never know what wonders that smile can do.

In addition, When your spouse gets mad at you at every minor issue, just smile.It will not mean that you are wrong and he is right but a monitor to display how much you value your relationship than your is human nature to get upset when yelled at but just try hard and smile then sit and watch what changes that smile can bring.

Generally,let your smile be a response to any situation.Use the expression of your face as a tool to heal and not to hurt.You never know how many changes that smile of yours can bring.




  1. Maa shaa Allah
    Very educative…
    Indeed I smiled at that story of an ant…


    1. Shukran habibty😁


  2. Maa shaa Allah cute


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